Friends of Stand Like Stone

Become a ‘Friend’ of Stand Like Stone today……and begin you philathropic journey   

For $500 per year (or $42.50 per month), your donation will help us run the Limestone Coast’s only community foundation and continue serving the community we all love. Your donation will also be pooled with that of other Friends so you can become a local philanthropist, providing the community with a major annual Friends of Stand Like Stone granting opportunity that you can vote on.

100% of your donations stays in the Limestone Coast, helping a community you love today as well as leaving money for tomorrow.

Each year we aim to grow the number of Friends and increase the grant allocation. The perpetual Named Sub-Fund also grows, providing a lasting gift to our community and ensuring the growth and sustainability of the program.

It’s a smarter way of giving

Become a Friend – Donate Now

Donations are tax-deductible.

For more information, please download the brochure or contact us on 7701 9259 or email

Brochure / Download 368349

We’d like to thank the following businesses, groups and people for becoming a Friend:

  • Vicki Osborne
  • Stephanie & David Brooker-Jones
  • Sally Klose
  • Carol Kay
  • Ms Justine Drew
  • PW & LK Stock
  • Jenny Tilbrook & Ashley Cook
  • Malcolm & Heather Lambert
  • Scott & Alicia Forbes
  • Sue Page
  • James & Georgie McKay
  • Mr Doug Balnaves
  • Bordertown Rotary Club
  • Amherst Livestock Trust
  • Sunnyside Instant Lawn
  • Robert & Glenda Mock
  • John Fry
  • Deb & Graeme Paschke
  • Graham & Gail Adams
  • Bordertown Vet Clinic