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Swinging with the Stars

Swinging with the Stars was held on Saturday 19th June 2021

After a COVID-19 break in 2020, Swinging with the Stars was back, bigger than ever for 2021!

Swinging with the Stars is the key fundraiser for Stand Like Stone, providing an important source of administration funds to keep our community foundation operational. It also raises a significant amount of money that is used for important grants and scholarships for the benefit of the people of the Limestone Coast Region.

We look forward to a new line up of dancers in 2022!


Meet the Stars for 2021!

Kate Palm

Why do you want be a part of Swinging with the Stars?

Born and raised in Penola, it has always had a special place in my heart. After 15 years living in Melbourne, nothing makes me happier than returning home and being part of this tight knit community again. Raising money to support this amazing place is a privilege and I am honoured to be part of it all. The true challenge however will be seeing if I can dance…watch this space!

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Bryce Smith

Why do you want be a part of Swinging with the Stars?

I always tell my students that “Putting themselves out of their comfort zone is the best way to grow” so I need to be a man of my word. I am looking forward to meeting new people, have a laugh, raise some money and learn some new skills while supporting the SLS foundation that do outstanding work to help kids with their education.

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Caroline Barr

Why do you want be a part of Swinging with the Stars?

It is truly an absolute honour and a privilege to have the opportunity to give animals a much needed voice. Stand Like Stone is such an integral part of the Limestone Coast. I am very grateful to be a part of it.

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Marian Hodson

Why do you want to be a part of Swinging with the Stars?

I love dancing, but due to my height I have usually been ‘the boy’ in pairs dancing. It’s great to be involved with swinging with the stars as they are so committed to providing the best for our community.

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Peter Loring

Why do you want to be a part of Swinging with the Stars?

It gives me such a great feeling of pride knowing that I’ll be a part of a well supported fundraising event that will directly impact our local community.

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Stephen Holmes

Why do you want to be a part of Swinging with the Stars?

My dad, Barrie Holmes, was a very active member of the community. He supported children all over Mount Gambier to participate in a sport they love; basketball. He was also heavily involved with the Catholic Church. His passion for helping those in our local community is something that my siblings and I have carried with us throughout our whole lives, we want to honour who he was and the way he raised us and continue to support young people to be involved in our local town.

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Randall Jones

Why do you want to be a part of Swinging with the Stars?

To give myself a personal challenge-get out of my comfort zone.  Hopefully raise some funds for a worthy local cause.  To have a lot of fun. 

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Macey Humphries

Why do you want to be a part of Swinging with the Stars?

I got asked at the last minute and thought it’s a great community event that I would love to be apart of! I’ve been born and raised in Mount Gambier and couldn’t be happier giving back to the community. This will definitely put me out of my comfort zone but it’s for a GREAT cause.

I’ve come into this event late but I’m so determined to have a real crack! I’m super bubbly with a BIG personality but I really don’t consider myself much of a ballerina.

I grew up with two older brothers and spent most of my time traveling around to horse competitions. My extent of dancing was doing ballet when I was 5 years old… I was absolutely useless but loved dressing up in the costumes to look pretty!

I guess you could call my dancing on the weekends when I’ve had a few wines some sort of experience… Maybe hiphop is more my jam?

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