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Since 2005 families in the Limestone Coast have received back to school relief thanks to the Back to School Program, an initiative delivered by the Stand Like Stone Foundation.

In 2022 we have distributed 920 fifty dollar vouchers to 40 local schools in the Limestone Coast.

Help us to obtain extra vouchers.

To help reduce the burden of costs associated with the commencement of a new school year, fifty dollar vouchers are distributed to school students, in partnership with local public schools.

Every year we have the opportunity to raise additional funds to obtain extra vouchers to assist students in need.  To do this we must raise funds from the community, which FRRR will then match, to enable further vouchers for our region.

Tax-deductible donations can be made and for every $50 we receive for the Back to School program, FRRR will give two vouchers.

This means the value of your donation is doubled and double the number of vouchers are available to support Limestone Coast students.

What is the Back to School Program?

The Back to School vouchers help students with the purchase of uniforms, books or other equipment needed to get students back to school. Over  $452,000 has been distributed via the Back to School Program to support the education of children in need. The schools allocate vouchers in the most appropriate way to assist families and children with the greatest need.  The program is unique, in that recipient families can choose what they actually need for their children.

Stories from schools show that families are very appreciative of this helping hand at the start of the school year.  Children start the year with the right new school clothes, pencils, pens and other school needs.  At the same time, local families know that our community cares about them and their children and wishes them well.

The Back to School program is an initiative of FRRR.

How can I support the Back to School program?

The community can assist local children by making a tax deductible donation to the Stand Like Stone Foundation.  Donations can be made any time throughout the year.

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