Donate to Stand Like Stone and help your community.

You can give a donation to Stand Like Stone by downloading the Donation Form or by making an online donation.

You can give a tax-deductible donation to the Public Fund. Grants from this fund are given to organisations with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status for charitable projects.

You can also give a tax-deductible donation to the Educational Scholarship Fund, which provides educational scholarships, prizes and bursaries across primary, secondary and tertiary education.

You can give a non-tax deductible donation to the Open Fund.  Donations to the Open Fund provide an opportunity for giving to a wider range of organisations and are ideally suited to bequests and donations from community groups.

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Why donate?

All donations to Stand Like Stone are held in perpetuity and the interest earned from these donations is granted back to organisations for charitable purposes to benefit communities in the Limestone Coast. Decisions on how donations benefit the community are made by local people with a desire to make a real difference. Stand Like Stone is not driven by a single cause, rather it puts back into Limestone Coast communities in a manner that meets local needs. A donation to Stand Like Stone is an investment in the future of the Limestone Coast and will assist in creating a stronger, more resilient and prosperous community.

Types of funds

Stand Like Stone has three funds where donations are held and from which grants and scholarships are given: the Public Fund, the Open Fund and the Educational Scholarship Fund. Within each of these funds there are also Sub Funds (Named Donations) where donors have indicated a preference that a particular geographic area, group, or specific area of community interest benefit from the donation. Donors can choose to nominate a Sub Fund when making a donation to the Stand Like Stone Foundation. A Sub Fund can be nominated when donating online by using the drop down option and selecting the preferred Sub Fund.

Public Fund

When a donor makes a gift to Stand Like Stone for which he or she wants a tax deduction, the gift must be deposited into the Public Fund. The income from this fund can only be used to make grants to organisations that have deductible gift recipient status (DGR) for example hospitals, school building funds and public benevolent institutions. Please contact the Executive Officer for more information on Sub Funds (Named Donations) in the Public Fund.

Open Fund

Gifts not requiring a tax deductible receipt are invested in the Open Fund and allow Stand Like Stone to make grants to a broad range of charitable community needs. Grants from the Open Fund are given to charitable projects and can be given to a wider number of organisations, not just those with deductible gift recipient status. Please contact the Executive Officer for more information on Sub Funds (Named Donations) in the Open Fund.

Educational Scholarship Fund

The Educational Scholarship Fund has been established to provide money for scholarships, bursaries or prizes which promote the recipients education in a pre-school, primary, secondary or tertiary course and is awarded on merit or for reasons of equity. Donations to the Educational Scholarship Fund receive a tax deduction. Please contact the Executive Officer for more information on Sub Funds (Named Donations) in the Educational Scholarship Fund.

What are Sub Funds

Stand Like Stone makes it easy for organisations, individuals or families to support community projects in their geographic area or to target a specific area of interest. This can be done by donating to an existing Sub Fund of the Stand Like Stone Foundation or establishing an additional Sub Fund to meet the specific area of interest.

Donors can indicate a preference that a particular group or type of eligible charities or projects benefit from his or her gift. Sub Funds can be established in the Open, Public or Educational Scholarship Fund. The donation is pooled and invested with other trust funds, but is accounted for separately. Grants and scholarships given from the donation are acknowledged as being made from the Sub Fund.

Donations made to a Sub Fund within the Public, Open and Educational Scholarship Funds are perpetual which means that the capital donated to the fund is preserved and only the income generated is used to give grants or scholarships. Over time, with further contributions, a Sub Fund can build to become a substantial community funding tool. The goal is to attain capital growth over time through further donations, so that the income from the donation increases in line with inflation.

As the ATO requires the Public Ancillary Fund, during each financial year, to distribute at least 4 per cent of the market value of the fund’s net assets only part of the capital donated to the fund is able to be preserved in perpetuity.

By establishing a Sub Fund you are ensuring that your local community or area of interest will receive grants or scholarships long into the future, rather than making a once off donation.

When a Sub Fund is created the donors are invited to form an advisory committee, which is able to express a preference to the Stand Like Stone Board on how grants and scholarships are allocated. The Board will take these recommendations into consideration when allocating grants and scholarships, however there are times when recommendations are unable to be implemented due to legal or other reasons. The Board, as the trustee of the Public, Open and Educational Scholarship Funds has the final decision about grant making and scholarship allocations, but will always attempt to follow the preferences of the advisory committee.

For information on existing established Sub Funds with Stand Like Stone, refer to Named Sub Funds

If you would like a copy of the Sub Fund Policy of the Stand Like Stone Foundation, please email

Sub Fund Frequently Asked Questions

For those new to community foundations there are a number of questions frequently asked by prospective donors considering establishing a Sub Fund.

Question: Why should a donor establish a Sub Fund in Stand Like Stone rather than make a once off donation to a charitable organisation?

Answer: First, by building an endowment, donors can support an area of interest or an organisation over a long period of time. Having a sub-fund with the Stand Like Stone Foundation helps develop a more planned and strategic approach to giving. Second, while charitable organisations come and go, Stand Like Stone’s structure ensures longevity. Stand Like Stone can distribute to a specific area of interest or community through any number of charitable projects over time.

In addition, as community needs change, Stand Like Stone will change to meet those needs. Donors can always be assured that Stand Like Stone is drawing on its community knowledge and utilising its networks to ensure they are receiving the best advice as to how to address disadvantage and meet emerging community needs.

Question: How much money do I need to establish a Sub Fund with Stand Like Stone?

Answer: You can establish a named Sub Fund immediately, with an understanding and agreement that you will seek to build the Sub Fund (over three years) to $20,000. There is no upper limit.

Stand Like Stone welcomes donations of all sizes – every donation makes a difference. Smaller donations can be pooled with others to have a greater impact in meeting local needs.

Question: Are donations to Stand Like Stone tax deductible?

Answer: Yes. Donors have the ability to donate to a tax-deductible fund, the Public Ancillary Fund or Educational Scholarship Fund, or to make a non tax-deductible donation to the Open Fund. All earnings are exempt from tax.

Question: Can I decide how my donations are used?

Answer: When establishing a Sub Fund, donors can identify their areas of funding interest and work with Stand Like Stone to identify organisations and charitable projects that they would like to support, to address those areas of interest.

Whilst the Board encourages input from donors regarding their intentions, under Australian Taxation Office Ruling governing the operation of community foundations, the trustees are unable to delegate any decision-making in relation to funds distribution; therefore the final decision remains the responsibility of the Board.

However, given Stand Like Stone’s commitment to meeting a diverse range of community needs, we always work with our donors to help you fulfil your charitable and philanthropic objectives and ensure the most mutually satisfactory outcomes.

Question: Once I have a Sub Fund, how do I know what’s happening?

Answer: Stand Like Stone communicates regularly with all our donors. There are email newsletters and reporting on grant making opportunities. Annually, you will receive a statement for your Sub Fund. This identifies donations to and grants from the Sub Fund and calculates the income available for distribution.

Question: Do I have to make a minimum distribution each year?

Answer: It is a requirement of the ATO that a minimum of 80% of the total income from the Open Fund and Educational Scholarship Fund, in each financial year, is distributed in grants and scholarships.

It is a requirement of the ATO that during each financial year, the Public Ancillary Fund distributes at least 4% of the market value of the fund’s net assets, as at the end of the previous financial year. This is calculated at the consolidated fund level – not at the individual Sub Fund level. Because we have a range of donors with varied giving patterns, it creates flexibility for other donors to accumulate and grow their funds for a period of time, without giving grants and scholarships. However, should this change in any given year, we may need to ask these funds to distribute in order to achieve distribution requirements.

Question: What does it cost me?

Answer: It is incredibly efficient and cost effective to have a Sub Fund with Stand Like Stone. As a community not-for-profit organisation, we try very hard to keep the costs as low as possible in order to maximise the value of the endowment and the funds available for grant making. Stand Like Stone charges a once-off Sub Fund establishment fee and an annual administration fee of a maximum of 2% per annum of average capital of each Sub Fund. Donor services (research, community engagement, grant making administration, reporting and financial and investment management) are included within this fee structure. In order to achieve these low costs, Stand Like Stone receives pro-bono support from a range of partners and is well supported by our sponsors.

Question: Can my donations to Stand Like Stone be publicly recognised?

Answer: That’s up to you. You can receive recognition for your generosity, or absolute anonymity. You can also choose the level and profile of your involvement.

Question: What is a permanent endowment and why is Stand Like Stone building one?

Answer: Stand Like Stone brings people and organisations together to create a perpetual source of locally held funds (a permanent endowment) as well as a body of knowledge about community issues and needs. The permanent endowment is invested over time to create a growing and sustainable source of funds for grant making to assist in building the social capital of our community. This means that we can continue to support our community long term and meet the needs of future generations.

Question: How easy is it to become a Stand Like Stone donor?

Answer: Very. Stand Like Stone offers a range of options from starting a Sub Fund to making a general donation to the community fund or leaving a bequest. It is very easy to establish a Sub Fund within Stand Like Stone.

Question: How do I ensure that my donations to Stand Like Stone are used effectively?

Answer: All our donors have access to Stand Like Stone’s significant community and grant making knowledge.


After providing for loved ones in a Will, a number of people choose to leave a bequest to benefit their community. A bequest is a gift of money, stock or property made in a Will, and is exempt from capital gains tax. Any bequests will be carefully managed by the Board to benefit the Limestone Coast’s communities in perpetuity.

A bequest may be recognised as a Sub Fund (Named Donation).

Making a bequest may be as simple as adding an additional statement to your existing Will such as:

“I bequeath the sum of TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS ($10,000) free of all duties to the Stand Like Stone Foundation absolutely for the purposes of said service, and I declare that the receipt of the treasurer, or other proper officer for the time being of the said services, shall be sufficient discharge of the same”

If you are considering making a bequest to the Stand Like Stone Foundation, we recommend you seek professional legal advice.

Memorial Donations

that special person. Family and friends often choose to do something unique to honour the life of someone dear to them. A Memorial Donation to the Stand Like Stone Foundation is one way of doing this, and at the same time will support charitable projects and educational scholarships in the Limestone Coast.

How Memorial Donations work

  • Donation forms are provided to the Funeral Director who ensures they are available at the service. If you wish to have Memorial Donation forms sent to a funeral home, please contact Stand Like Stone on 08 7701 9259 or email
  • The funeral notice requests that donations are made to Stand Like Stone Foundation in lieu of flowers. We suggest using the following wording for the funeral notice: “In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Stand Like Stone Foundation, PO Box 9418, Mount Gambier West, South Australia, 5291,”
  • A letter of condolence is sent to the family of the deceased person and includes the details of those who have contributed to the Fund in memory of their loved one (the amount donated is not included).
  • All individuals who make a memorial donation are sent acknowledgement of the donation and a receipt, which can be used for tax purposes if required.
  • Donations will be added to Stand Like Stone’s Trust Funds and each year Stand Like Stone will give grants to community projects in honour of people for whom a Memorial Donation has been made during the year.
  • For donations greater than $20,000 you may wish to create a Sub Fund (Named Donation) in memory of your family member. At the request of the family, a eulogy for the deceased person can be included in the Stand Like Stone Annual Report.

The following people have been remembered by their families through donations to the Stand Like Stone Foundation:

Mrs Lyndsay Woodruff (nee Wise)

The Woodruff and Charlton families honoured their mother by establishing the L M Woodruff Memorial Scholarship, which will provide scholarships to assist young women identifying with the Limestone Coast to undertake a nursing career at any level.

Mr Genaro DiRito

Mr Genaro DiRito and the DiRito family have been an important part of Stand Like Stone having been amongst our earliest supporters through the “Friends” programme. Jimi’s interest and enthusiasm for the work of Stand Like Stone has always been much appreciated.

Mrs Mig Brookman

Mig Brookman initiated the Keith and District Hospital Future Fund, a sub fund of the Stand Like Stone Foundation. Mig was a person of action and inspiration to her community and was highly respected. Donations were made to the Keith and District Hospital Future Fund in memory of Mig.

Mr Steven John Noble

Steven was a respected member of the Port MacDonnell and Allendale East community, growing up on a family Dairy Farm in Allendale East and attending Allendale East Area School during his schooling years. Small communities create close relationships and Steven will always be remembered in the Port MacDonnell and Allendale East community as a friendly, outgoing, loyal and caring person who always put others before himself and had a smile that would light up the room. A talented sportsman Steven was a successful senior footballer with the Port Mac Donnell Football club. Sadly missing out on his 150th game by only two games, Steven played football for the Port MacDonnell Football Club from junior level right through to being the Premiership Captain of the PMFC team in 2012. Steven’s father Chris Noble (dec) was well also respected in the Kongorong community, playing for the Kongorong Football Club for many years. The Steven Noble Memorial Fund was established in Steven’s memory by his wife, Courtney, and will support the local communities of Port MacDonnell, Allendale East and Kongorong. The Sub Fund represents who Steven was, always willing to give everything he had to assist and support other people.

Please contact the Chief Executive Officer on 08 7701 9259 if you would like further information.

Flow through grant partner

Donors can form a partnership with the Stand Like Stone Foundation to administer a giving program. Stand Like Stone will work on your behalf to fund worthwhile charitable projects that address areas of priority as determined by the donor. The donor can identify a particular area of interest, address a particular issue or offer support to a particular area.

Workplace giving

Workplace Giving is a program that lets employees donate money on a regular basis to one or more charities. The charity must be a deductible gift recipient (DGR) which means that donations to the charity are gift deductible for taxation purposes. The Stand Like Stone Foundation’s Public Fund and Educational Scholarship Fund are deductible gift recipients.

Workplace giving programs allow employees to make regular donations to eligible charities through a payroll system. Employees benefit as most people will get a tax benefit in their pay every time they donate.

For employers Workplace Giving is a simple and proven formula, which can lead to:

  1. Improved staff morale.
  2. Enhanced corporate reputation and brand value.
  3. Stronger relationships with key stakeholders and customers.
  4. Enhanced capacity to become an employer of choice.
  5. A safe and manageable donation method.
  6. Decrease multiple donation demands.
  7. Giving to the Stand Like Stone Foundation through Workplace Giving is a simple and inexpensive way for businesses and
  8. employees to support their community and be recognised as being community minded.

If you would like to discuss Workplace Giving contact the Stand Like Stone Foundation on 08 7701 9259 or email

Professional advisors

Assist your clients to make a difference in their lifetime.

Increasingly Australians are looking to give something back to their community in a meaningful way. To do this many turn to their professional advisors – accountants, solicitors and financial planners – for assistance.

As Professional Advisors, you have the opportunity to help your clients achieve their charitable goals, through planned giving that blends philanthropy with overall financial and estate planning.

The Stand Like Stone Foundation provides a personal and professional service for individuals who want to support their community through charitable giving. One of Stand Like Stone’s goals is to make a real difference to the community and create a culture of giving that will change people’s lives.

Through our well-managed Public Fund, Open Fund and Educational Scholarship Fund, Stand Like Stone makes it easy for your clients to help local eligible charities and projects.

The benefits of working with Stand Like Stone are:

  • the personal satisfaction of helping clients make a difference
  • helping clients achieve their philanthropic goals through planned giving that integrates philanthropy with overall financial and estate planning
  • helping your clients focus their philanthropic goals -Stand Like Stone can connect donors with emerging issues and charitable organisations. We can link donors’ funding interests to charitable projects or scholarships as well as identify and evaluate new giving opportunities for them.
  • your client may be able to receive a tax deduction for gifts to the Public Fund and Educational Scholarship Fund

To further discuss the Stand Like Stone Foundation phone 08 7701 9259 or send an email to


Stand Like Stone invites businesses to consider sponsorship of our organisation.

Through the work of the Stand Like Stone Foundation there is a unique opportunity for businesses to assist in creating stronger, more resilient and prosperous communities in the Limestone Coast, while also promoting your business through our extensive network of donors, supporters and grant and scholarship applicants.

Sponsoring Stand Like Stone demonstrates that your business cares about the Limestone Coast community and has a desire to make a difference. You will not only be promoting your business but you will be investing in what we believe is a unique opportunity to make a positive impact on the long-term wellbeing of the Limestone Coast.

To discuss sponsorship, please contact the office on 08 7701 9259.

We can only achieve due to the support of our wonderful sponsors. Please feel free to support them as they have supported us.

Sponsors and Supporting Partners