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These are little big stories.

The Stand Like Stone Foundation awarding grants and scholarships to the Limestone Coast region offers individuals, families, groups, corporations and not-for-profit organsations an easy and satisfying way of giving something of real value back to the community they care about. What you are about to read are examples of these little stories making a big impact.

2018 Penola Wellness Group Stress Workshops

“I attended the Penola Wellness Group ‘Stress Workshop’ in February 2018 presented by Lisa Bondarenko. This session came at a perfect time as I was in the middle of huge family relationship problems. Although I was cautious and reluctant to go in at the start, I was so glad I did. Lisa gave me ‘real’ strategies of how to cope in stressful situations. Dealing with my ‘cogs’ have made me feel mentally stronger and able to move forward.”

2015 Naracoorte High School Nepabunna Cultural Awareness Trip

“Thank you and those gorgeous young people for all your efforts at Nepabunna Patch… it gives us faith in the younger generation to see such well mannered, engaged and bright young ones.”

2017 Lucindale Area School Art Exhibition

2017 Lucindale Area School Art Exhibition

“It brought a community together around valuing the visual arts across all ages and highlighting the skills and values of a range of artists.”

2017 Millicent United Soccer Club Inc Defibrillator

“We are fortunate enough to have several paramedics and a ‘first responder’ in our club. Our training night was conducted by two of these personnel who arranged for us to practice with the defibrillator on two mannequins. It was a good night which included young, old, parents, players and other sporting clubs.”

2017 Keith Men’s Shed Kitchen

“Because of the generosity of the Stand Like Stone Foundation the Keith Men’s Shed now have a fully functioning kitchen that is utilised every week.”